There is a trend towards $100+ gaming keyboards in the market at the moment, but that doesn't mean there aren't quality mechanical switchboards available at a more reasonable price. Often you'll find these more budget-oriented options offering cheap switches from other manufacturers, but the NPET K61 comes featuring the Gateron Red linear switch out of the gate.

Ultra-compact 68 keys are conflict-free, portable design with the highest frequency of 1000Hz polling rate detachable type-c cable. Secure the high-speed connection and safe transport in your travel bag. The design of this gaming keyboard is based on ergonomic with silicone non-slip mat and two-step keyboard feet that allow you to set your keyboard at three different tilt angles. Effectively reduces the burden on the wrist.

All in all though, if you’re looking for an entry-level mechanical keyboard, this is a good choice. This board is solid, well-built, reliable, and looks pretty decent too. It just needs $43.99. I'll happily give it a pass in favor of affordable functionality.